'Cart.e' [Cart dot e] is a project of a new map expression on the WEB by Tokyo Cartographic.

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Canvas Magic

How do points work?

The expressiveness of HTML 5 has made wonderful evolution.
Especially in graphics, JavaScript has made it possible to express expressions comparable to those of native applications.

HTML 5の表現力はすばらしい進化を遂げました。

City of the world

map will be platform of real time information.

The map has been treated as static until now. From now on, it may become a platform on which information is expressed in real time.

これまで地図は静的なものとして扱われてきました。 これからは情報がリアルタイムで表現されるプラットフォームになるかもしれませんね。

Charactor Design

Gute character design also on the map

You can put anything on the map. Of course characters.

地図の上にはなんでも置くことができます。 もちろんキャラクターも。

Map of Colors

I want a map of various colors

Even the map itself is beautiful enough as content. Should we have more choices?


Tokyo Cartographic

ICT Design Lab.